In East Africa Muzungu is a commonly used expression for foreigners and strangers. The expression dates back to the 18th century and literally translated means “someone who roams around” or  is “wanderer” –  an accurate description of what I have been doing for all my life. 

I am German, born in Ecuador, grew up most part of my childhood in Brazil and am currently living in Dubai. I am in the fortunate situation to travel a lot and you will find some of photos of an extensive collection from around the world on this page.

Keep visiting muzungu.photography and enjoy some of the moments, people & nature captured “on film”. No text, no distraction, just photography from around the world that speaks for itself. Please like, comment and share the work via the social media buttons, but do not copy or use any content of this site without my permission. (brings you bad karma)

And in case you find yourself on any of the photos and are not happy about it, please get in touch with me.

Michael  – contact AT muzungu.photography